Vendor Review and Evaluation 

Learning technologies that maximize performance and align with business goals. 

The market for learning products has exploded in recent years leaving many learning and development professionals inspired by the possibilities but overwhelmed with purchasing and development decisions. These decisions often involve significant investment and require careful analysis of critical requirements as well as financial, technical and cultural considerations. 

Are you wrestling with which vendors to use?
Unsure whether to build or buy? I can help!


 I have extensive knowledge of the eLearning industry and  experience developing and working with products throughout the cycle of learning development, delivery, and evaluation.  I'll work with you to prioritize needs and wants and systematically identify solutions that best address  key learning challenges given your organization's unique culture, resources, and legacy systems. 

I can help with the evaluation and selection of the following: 

  • Content Vendors

  • Custom eLearning Providers

  • LMS/LRS Options

  • Authoring Tools

  • Media Development Tools

  • Localization Services

  • and more